A sudden resurgence of fusion genres is happening in music right now, and it’s brought with it a higher standard for the music that’s being released. Artists have been paying more attention to detail at seemingly every level of their output, from how they create their music to how its released (Kanye, please don’t keep us waiting forever for SWISH).

The past year alone has seen the release of some incredible albums with lyrics and production value that continuously gets better (see our Top 50 Albums of 2015 article for further reference). UK artists have been particularly on-point as of late, and I’ve realized that a lot of my favorite new music is coming from across the pond, so without further ado, here are five artists from the United Kingdom that you will be hearing more about soon.

1. Tom Misch
Tom Misch is one of those artists I can say I’m truly disappointed I didn’t discover sooner. The 20-year-old producer/multi-instrumentalist releases the most impressive beat tapes. His collaborations are smart, his beats are very unique, and his music is the quality that I wish was the norm on mainstream radio. It’s clear he knows what he’s doing as he does it very well.

2. J Hus
J Hus has been taking over the UK hip-hop scene. With ’90s-reminiscent beats and an afro bounce that frankly hasn’t been done right in quite some time, J Hus proves he’s not trying to fit into the current mold of rap and hip hop. He’s rightfully earned a spot on BBC Music’s Sound of 2016 list, and his unique style and sound is getting him a lot more recognition. This guy will be crossing over to the US sooner rather than later.

3. Kwabs
Kwabs’ music hits you hard, and the complex texture of his voice pierces your soul when he sings. Fans of soul and R&B will want to remember his name. Not only do his tracks feature great production, his lyrics tell such relatable stories. Kwabs is on constant rotation for me, and with each listen, I’m discovering new elements to fall in love with.

This West London hip-hop collective is bringing a fresh sound to the genre. In the wake of their summer hit “In2” gaining more and more traction, the group recently signed with Atlantic Records. They’re making waves with their live shows all over London and garnering attention as one of MTV UK’s Brand New nominees. You’ll want to see what’s to come from these guys as their Atlantic Records debut is sure to be a chart-topper.

5. Samm Henshaw
The first thing you’ll notice about Samm Henshaw is the enviable rasp and edge of his voice. He’s very much already making waves in the UK, being named one of Spotify’s Spotlight of 2016 artists, and with a tour supporting James Bay now under his belt, he’s ready to make his mark in the industry internationally.