Fans of Killer Mike know that he’s no stranger to political advocacy and social revolution, whether evidenced through his music as a solo artist and with hip-hop supergroup Run the Jewels or through the microphone of social media. And so when the man who has gone on record saying that he doesn’t trust the government gets behind a politician, you know that something interesting is going down.

Mike recently sat down for a candid conversation with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in the rapper’s hometown of Atlanta (more specifically, in the Swag Shop barbershop that he owns) and recorded the conversation that took place.

The two men discussed a variety of issues facing the country in the forthcoming election, including healthcare, education, gun control, drug policy, and the challenge of getting more people motivated about voting in the first place. Whether you consider yourself someone who’s into politics or are just a fan of Mike and the music that he makes, the series is worth a watch, as these are issues that we all have a stake in.

As mentioned before, Mike is no stranger to having a voice outside of music. Guest appearances on programs such as HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, PBS’ Tavis Smiley, and a multitude of major news networks serve to illustrate how vital Mike’s commentary has been in 2015.

Whether it was through his social media pages or his lectures at MIT, entitled “Race Relations,” Mike spoke about politics and social justice issues in an honest, plainspoken, and informed manner that inspired and enlightened many thousands of people. For that he was honored with an invitation to the White House Press Correspondents dinner. As a result of this conversation, Mike has officially endorsed Sanders for the 2016 presidential election.

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