Last night Grimes packed The Mayan, then controlled the crowd with her synthesizers, dance routines, and overall sonic perfection. Oh, and cute voice. Who the heck is this girl? I had never heard of her before a friend offered me his extra ticket to this show, the second of Red Bull’s 30 Days In LA series. I looked the name up online to find that I’m not only attracted to her music videos, but also her sense of style and catchy hooks thrown on top of such heavy beats. I like the fusion.

With her soft, girly voice over dance beats and some heavy synth parts keeping the bass frequencies in your belly, Grimes’ overall sound reminds me of Japanese pop (J-pop). The light show and choreography only cemented my comparison. To me, it’s obvious who she’s inspired by, but damn, her execution is perfect.

grimes 2

The excitement at The Mayan was at a level I had never seen. It was full by 9:15, she took the stage at 10:30, and not a single person seemed to mind the wait. To them, she was worth it. After hearing two songs, I knew why. Her stage show immediately reminded me of Madonna, GWAR, Of Montreal, and other theatrical acts. Her dancers changed costumes and kept the audience moving the entire time.

Grimes played her hits as well as 4-5 new songs. She apparently scrapped her last album, so the girl must be an overthinker/overachiever. I don’t mind that. It makes her that much more endearing. Even the way she surrenders and headbangs to her songs is quite charming.

Grimes was working hard up there. Each scream she belted was cheered on, especially by the girls. You could almost feel the females relating to the angst oozing from her growls. Every time she’d take a break to engage the crowd, she’d catch her breath with a relieving “fuck,” and everyone would respond with outbursts of love and awe. Her conversation with us was sweet and honest. She brought her friends on stage for a dance party.

What can I say? Grimes is an artist I never would have thought I’d like, but her show was actually very, very entertaining. Check her out!

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