Artists who are releasing albums today can either shame their labels for choosing the same release date as Adele’s publicly anticipated new full-length 25, or they can rest easy knowing they won’t face nearly the same level of scrutiny that she will, for good or bad. Fortunately, the array of musicians who are sharing their latest projects with the world today is so eclectic and diverse that they shouldn’t be overwhelmed by Adele-mania, given that their intended demographic probably won’t subscribe to the frenzy anyway.

Check out these under-the-radar artists (plus Adele and Enya) dropping some buzz-worthy albums today.

25’s first single, “Hello,” set the bar high (it already has its own Wikipedia page), but with a voice like Adele’s and affecting, intimate lyrics to follow, it’s hard to see how the British diva could do any wrong on her third studio release.


Arca’s Mutant is already generating a whole lot of praise for its modernity and unique approach to digital songwriting, so check out the experimental, fluid sounds of producer Alejandro Ghersi — the man behind the Arca mask — to see what all the hype is about.


Battle TapesPolygon
Battle Tapes exhibit the familiar sound of electronica that manages to be refreshingly traditional, yet still dark and moody with synth-based layers and full, commanding vocals.

battle tapes

The Blue Jean CommitteeCatalina Breeze
Comedy fans can rejoice at this parody folk album from Fred Armisen and Bill Hader, which was originally written as the soundtrack to their mockumentary alter-egos The Blue Jean Committee. The IFC show Documentary Now was the inspiration for the duo’s exaggerated take on a folk band, but it’s easy to see how listeners could be fooled by the melodic, breezy tunes and overly mushy lyrics that are weirdly moving.

blue jean

EnyaDark Sky Island
Yes, you read that right. Enya is back. She’s traveled quite a distance, from ’80s dramedies to CD compilation commercials right back to the Billboard hotlist. As long as there are moms and dreamers and dentist’s offices, there will be Enya. And as Dark Sky Island’s epic, ethereal first single, “Echoes in the Rain,” promises, you will be moved.


ErnieDog Park
Vocalist/bassist Lamont Brown, formerly of the band It Looks Sad, leads the trio of musicians that constitute the recently formed band Ernie, a gritty indie act that harnesses a subdued angst apparent in the lyrics.

dog park

Freddie GibbsShadow of a Doubt
The explicit rapper holds nothing back on the crisply produced Shadow of a Doubt, astutely touching on the dark ghosts of his past. Each track unfolds as a self-contained story, well paced and deeply personal.

freddie gibbs

Leo AbrahamsDaylight
Leo Abrahams has been standing next to your favorite artists for decades, and he is now finally stepping into the spotlight. He’s collaborated with Nick Cave, Florence and The Machine, Paul Simon, and longtime friend Brian Eno, who also appears on Abrahams’ solo album, Daylight. The dynamic musician has harnessed the sounds of his previous collaborators to produce an arty, experimental project that is cryptic, cool, and completely offbeat.


Natalie PrassSide by Side EP
The resounding response to Prass’ self-titled debut this year perhaps gave her the courage to take on covers of drastically diverse artists such as Grimes, Simon and Garfunkel, and Anita Baker. Bathed in twee pop, folk, and R&B, the covers are a welcome addition to her already impressive repertoire.

natalie prass

Ringo DeathstarrPure Mood
Though the indie act from Austin hasn’t been around for too long, their sound has evolved from noise pop to faster-paced reverb pop to what we’re seeing with Pure Mood, an album that, as the name suggests, is much more atmospheric and shoe-gazey, with elements of ’60s psychedelia fused in.