Still riding high off his well-received 2011 self-titled EP, LA-based singer-songwriter Dan Holguin is returning right before the end of 2015 with longer hair, a new musical outlook, and new material from a forthcoming LP. His moody, deserty track “Maybe” is a good indication that the new LP will be a little bit more introspective than you might have previously expected given his prior penchant for alt/pop/rock.


“Maybe” works in waves, with a boozy guitar harmony driven by Dan’s vocals and a rising chorus that peaks with rumbling thunder. If you don’t quite make out Dan’s lyrics on the first go, it’s likely because the track sweeps you up in its reverb, which makes for a lethal combination when blended with the song’s darker hues. Even for its haunting mood, you’ll want to loop “Maybe” to better comprehend Dan’s mindset and again be taken in the song’s wash.

Take a listen below via Soundcloud.

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