Cowboy hats and cowgirls filled the Hollywood Bowl for Mr. Zac Brown Saturday night, and Zac came out graciously, cheersing the audience and thanking them for “allowing us to curate your music for the night.”

The show started slow, as Zac Brown Band had played a lot of their faster, folkier tunes the night before. From slow, though, it turned to fast, then double time, then honky tonk, and then the sky was the limit! The band even played some poppy tunes that threw everyone off, but we knew we liked it.

Zac Brown 2
All photos by Southern Reel

Seventeen musicians were on stage, rotating throughout the set, changing instruments and positions. I think it’s pretty amazing to 1) have 17 musicians on stage at one time and 2) hire such proficient musicians that they can switch around effortlessly and still happily entertain the sold-out Hollywood Bowl.

Not only is the band killer musically, the members are all humanitarians as well. A dollar from every ticket sold went to Camp Southern Ground, a camp for kids with mental illness. Incredible. Really trying to help people. Zac made multiple plugs for organizations during the set, with each plug for a charity, non-profit, or something for the betterment of mankind, mostly for children in need.

Zac Brown

Zac Brown Band made a whole album with Dave Grohl as the producer, and you could tell everyone in the audience was excited when the group performed a beautiful rendition of “Let It Rain” from the Grohl sessions. The best part of the night, however, was when John Mayer came out and solo’d, of course. That is always the best part of the night. Thank you, John Mayer — can’t wait to see you with Dead & Co. in December!

Zac Brown Band uses a different setlist for each of their performances, and the players find out what it is not long before the show. That keeps it spontaneous, fun, and fresh. While this particular show ended up being more of a country set, the energy was more diverse and rockin’ at times as well. Everyone at The Hollywood Bowl had fun and loved the country theme that night, I’m sure.

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