The fierce post-punk quartet Savages made waves a couple of years ago with eye-catching live shows, a self-important manifesto, and a knockout debut album to back up the rhetoric, landing on the UK top 20 and picking up a sizable following. The amount of new material at this year’s FYF Fest suggested that a follow-up was due imminently, and now that follow-up has surfaced in the shape of Adore Life, which will be once again released via Matador Records in the US on January 22nd.


The band has taken its time in recording the follow-up (the gap will be over two-and-a-half years between release dates of albums), but the video to “The Answer” below suggests the wait will have been well worth it. It sounds like Savages has been hardening their edges rather than softening up, and one of 2016’s most anticipated rock releases will be with us soon. That’s the defiant artwork above, and the tracklist for the album is below the video. If they do return to LA soon, be sure to catch one of the best live bands around.

Adore Life Tracklisting:

1. The Answer
2. Evil
3. Sad Person
4. Adore
5. I Need Something New
6. Slowing Down The World
7. When In Love
8. Surrender
9. T.I.W.Y.G.
10. Mechanics

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