Soon after my now-wife and I started dating, we made plans to go to see a band she had noticed doing quite well in the UK in San Francisco one night. We both checked out their debut album and liked it, and I was really looking forward to the show. With tickets in hand, I drove up to the city to meet her for the show, but after an argument with a friend, she wasn’t feeling up to it. I figured they would be back in the US soon enough. Two albums and 6 years later, The Maccabees are playing in LA, and after a long wait, my wife and I can finally see them.

The Maccabees don’t quite have the same pull in the States as in the UK, but that’s to our benefit. These British indie darlings sell out venues the size of The Wiltern without question in their home country, but here we get the benefit of seeing them in the 500-capacity Troubadour next month. And trust me, you want to go to that show.

With their bold new album, Marks To Prove It, out now, The Maccabees have taken their original dancy, indie-punk sound and flipped it on its head. They experiment quite a bit on this release, creating soundscapes that would definitely surprise the listener who is expecting something more like Moving Units.

They aren’t just releasing an album this year, though. On October 12th, The Maccabees will release a feature-length documentary called Elephant Castle that is based on the area of London with the same name. That neighborhood was the inspiration for Marks To Prove It, and the documentary tells the story of several different lives in the area. Check out the trailer below:

Tickets are still available for The Maccabees’ show at The Troubadour, and unless you are going to Austin City Limits, you don’t have many other chances to see them in America. This is a band that is still a bit of a secret here, but they deserve a sold-out crowd wherever they play.

The Maccabees Tour Dates:

10/02 – Austin City Limits – Austin, TX
10/05 – El Plaza Condesa – Mexico City, Mexico
10/07 – The Troubadour – Los Angeles
10/09 – Austin City Limits – Austin, TX
10/16 – Great Scott – Boston, MA
10/17 – Milkboy – Philadelphia, PA
10/19 – The Basement – Columbus, OH
10/20 – Thalia Hall – Chicago, IL
10/21 – Magic Bag – Detroit, MI
10/23 – Thunderbird Cafe – Pittsburgh, PA

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