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Did any of you guys watch this year’s Video Music Awards on MTV? Good on you if you did, but not necessarily “shame on you” if you didn’t. While the heavily hyped and popular award show was broadcast on all of Viacom’s networks (save for the wholesome family channel Nickelodeon, which smartly wouldn’t put up with Miley Cyrus’ antics), the event was widely seen but not really celebrated, save for a couple of key, off-the-cuff moments. It makes us at the Blogcast think, really, what relevancy does this award show — and MTV — even has on music anymore?

Those off-the-cuff moments are what MTV is looking to thrive on, which is why the wildcard Miley Cyrus was even brought in to host the show. One of the moments that had the most buzz, though, was Kanye West’s speech during his acceptance of the so-called “Video Vanguard” award, an award presented to an artist likely because the show organizers have finally felt the sting of sorrow from not decorating him with award after award yet. He concluded his speech suggesting he is running for the US presidency in the year 2020, and we at the Blogcast felt it was in our duty to entertain the idea.

Are we feeding MTV by talking about this? That’s meta, but we discuss that point, too. Basically, just click “Play” below to listen to this all-new episode of LA Music Blogcast and enjoy our typically fun music banter! You can also listen via TuneIn or iTunes.

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