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We tried to avoid talking about the recent beef between rappers Drake and Meek Mill because, well, it’s just another beef that you can read about everywhere else. But the music world, us included, has become fixated on the core concept behind said beef: ghostwriting.

As Kendrick Lamar proclaims on his smash new record, To Pimp A Butterfly:

“I can dig rapping, but a rapper with a ghost writer?
What the fuck happened? (Oh no) I swore I wouldn’t tell
But most of y’all share bars, like you got the bottom bunk in a two man cell”

Almost as a direct reference to the accusations against Drake by Meek Mill (before the beef even occurred), on this week’s Blogcast, we attempt to explain what “ghostwriting” really implies, as the phrase tends to get thrown around with similar vitriol as lip-syncing. We also take a brief look at the history behind the act in different areas of the musical spectrum and we try to wrap our heads around the very nature of “uncredited” writing in the music business.

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Todavia – “Eve”

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