In the year that’s passed since In Return‘s release, Odesza’s stock has risen meteorically. From insta-sellout shows to elbow-to-elbow madness at any one of their numerous festival appearances, the Seattle-based duo has cemented their place firmly amongst the biggest and brightest stars in the chillwave scene.

Combine Odesza’s knack for dreamily produced grooves with the raspy vocal stylings of Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon fame and you get, well, this:

It’s a slightly moodier departure from the generally upbeat tracks on In Return, but make no mistake, “Light” is every bit as ethereal and cinematic as an Odesza single ought to be.

The release of “Light” comes ahead of the In Return‘s deluxe edition release on September 18th. If this is all a ploy to amp up the album’s hype then well-played, Odesza. Well played indeed.

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