Vinyl is so hot right now. The fever that has been gripping the country is showing no signs of breaking, meaning re-releases of music that’s been out of pressing for some time is becoming more and more common. As such, Sub Pop is re-releasing one of their best (meaning, my personal favorite) post-rock records of all time: The Album Leaf’s In a Safe Place.

The genre enjoyed something of a renaissance in the mid-2000s after its heyday of the ’90s. The sparse, cool tones of Sigur Ros, Mogwai, and Explosions in the Sky found an audience with fans that had either grown out of, or were never interested in, the mainstream rock music scene.

In a Safe Place was one of the great albums of that era. Its tone was cold, but bright; its tracks evoke imagery of snowy landscapes and light filtering through ice (consequently, it makes for great snowboarding music). Jimmy LaValle collaborated with Sigur Ros and recorded it in Iceland at their studio to great effect. The album is mostly acoustic, but with garnishes of glitchy electronic samples, culminating in a beautiful, entrancing, emotive record, well worth its place in the collection of any vinyl head with a taste for well produced instrumental rock.

Record lovers can get their hands on In a Safe Place when the reprint hits stores September 25th.

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