There’s a lot to like on this latest cut from Matt Lange. Slick composition, some crazy mixing and micro-stutters, and smooth vocals come together in a deep, moody slice of electronic music.

The production is the star here moreso than the vocals are. Think along the lines of Amon Tobin and BT and John Hopkins and you’ve got it. Microstutters and chopped samples flit across a rolling, low, constantly evolving bassline. It’s a delicately composed piece, actually, and a welcome respite from the cookie-cutter house music formula that’s everywhere right now.

In particular, “Lying to Myself” sounds a lot like the work from BT’s These Hopeful Machines thanks to the ethereal vocals. The two have worked together in the past and it shows on this track. It’s a great mix, the way sounds shift into and out of existence. It’s like a musical kaleidoscope. Will it decimate festivals from the main stage? Probably not, but it will make a lot of people with headphones who are paying attention to what they’re listening to very happy.

The track is a cut from Lange’s forthcoming record, Ephermera. The two singles are pretty different, with “Lying to Myself” being an exercise in technical wizardry and mesmerizing mood-building, while “My Love Aside” is a fairly straight-ahead club track. Check out the full album on September 10th via mau5trap.

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