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The opening track to The Second Howl’s new EP, You Fit In, storms the floodgates much in the way My Bloody Valentine’s “Only Shallow” ripped open Loveless. But The Second Howl aren’t just looking to shred and usher in a completely new genre. Instead, the band stands tall as a fresh-faced, tough-as-nails act in alt-rock that delivers confidence on all production fronts.

The Second Howl bandmates Natasha and Alex stopped by TuneIn Studios in Venice to talk about their recent efforts on this latest episode of the LA Music Blogcast. Considering the group hasn’t been in Los Angeles for too long and they’re chatting with Angelenos, we of course talk about their favorite locales, food, concerts they’ve seen, and their adoption of the LA vernacular. We also find out about their views of the alt-rock music scene and where they might see themselves in the near future now that their EP is available everywhere and out in the world.

The band will be playing with LA-based indie rock band The Kendricks at The Silverlake Lounge on September 3rd for those of you interested in catching them live, so be sure to check them out…right after you listen to this episode of the Blogcast!

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Featured Tracks:
“Don’t Be Yourself Again”
“Ripper Jones”
“Theory of a Man”

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