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We were buzzin’ a year or so back when the movie adaptation of the story behind the creation of N.W.A.’s groundbreaking hip-hop album Straight Outta Compton was announced, and the buzz is getting louder now that the film will finally be landing in theaters next week.

We’re amped to see the coming together of the seminal West Coast gangsta rap group on the big screen (albeit in fictional boundaries), and it’s being released at quite an interesting time in our society’s history, when race relations and police brutality are once again heated, Dr. Dre might be is actually releasing his next album, and movie theaters are once again in the headlines for unfortunate reasons.

LA Music Blog writer Marcus Slater and I discuss the original album’s relevance back then and these days and how the movie might befit a new generation seeking to fix inequality. On a related note, we also talk about Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” and its use as an anthem for positivity amongst everybody, as well as West Coast music, including “Norf-side” Long Beach rapper Vince Staples’ recent release, Summertime ’06.

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