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Mary Bonney has written many pieces for LA Music Blog over the years, and a particularly striking one was her recent article on being a female music journalist. This was the impetus for her to produce, act, and sing in a Kickstarter-fundraised short film called Break: The Musical (the trailer for which you can watch below). When we heard Mary wanted to head down to TuneIn Studios in Venice to join us for an episode of the LA Music Blogcast to talk about her experiences in creating the short, we can admit that we squealed a little.

Mary hopped on the mic to chat with us about the short, what it takes to be vigilant in music journalism and in the industry, and how her experiences in both music and film have impacted her career. Concert-going aside, she, like both Marcus Slater and myself, has a deep-seated passion for music, and we dive into that for a good 45 minutes on this week’s episode of the LA Music Blogcast!

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Featured Track:
Jenny Hval – “Sabbath”

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