The original “IT G MA” was, by any measure, a blockbuster success for Keith Ape and The Cohort. It was one of the few hip-hop tracks of recent memory that successfully crossed over the language barrier simply by speaking the universal language of “turnt.” In the process, though, calls of cultural appropriation mixed in with general saltiness from OG Maco inflamed the hype surrounding the tune.

It was a silly argument from the jump. Yes, “U Guessed It” and “It G Ma” have similar energy, but they’re totally different if you listen to either one for longer than 30 seconds. Still, that psuedocontroversy helped what was already a dope track get more attention by both listeners and other rappers.

The “IT G MA” remix features a number of surprising contributors, not the least of which is Koreatown-based hip-hop hero Dumbfounddead, who contributes what is probably the hardest verse on either version of the song. Waka Flocka Flame lends his reckless brand of rowdiness to the track, too, along with A$AP Ferg (!) and Father, of all people. Personally, I prefer the original, but the truth is that it’s a pretty damn good remix. Father is as lewd and as smooth as his fans have come to expect. Ferg finishes the track with his dancehall-inspired delivery. It all works.

Will we be hearing more from Keith Ape? Yeah, probably. The Asian hip-hop culture and American hip-hop culture crossover is well under way for better or worse (I’m looking directly at you CL, Riff Raff, OG Maco). Rap fans would do well to keep their sights out for more work coming from The Cohort and Keith Ape.

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