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With all of the music news primarily being about music streaming and Kanye West lately, we at the Blogcast felt compelled to have an episode about something — anything — else, so we decided to share a few of the summer music festivals we’ll be attending and that we would have otherwise mentioned earlier in the summer. We hope you don’t miss out on them due to our lack of prior acknowledgement.

We’re technically still in the middle of summer, but we will soon see the unfortunate wind-down of the music festival season. August quickly approaches, and fewer and fewer outdoor events will be happening once mid-September hits (sorry for the dourness, concert-going folks). That doesn’t mean the party has to stop, though. In this episode of the LA Music Blogcast, I and co-host/writer Marcus Slater have detailed the lineups to four festivals that we plan to attend this year. They’re all happening right here in Los Angeles, and you can catch up with them using the Blog’s hefty Concert Calendar.

While Marcus will be attending the electronic/trance heavy festivals HARD Summer (which is actually kicking off tomorrow) and DreamState (an Insomniac-promoted event), I will be attending the more indie/rock/everything else oriented FYF Festival and possibly Festival Supreme (an FYF-promoted event featuring comedians and hosted by Tenacious D). The lineups for all of these events are wells of gold, which will make scheduling a pain, but we expect fun and good times from all four events.

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Ana Free – “Say It To Me”

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