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The latest player to enter the music streaming service arena, Apple Music, has been garnering a ton of buzz since its debut nearly a month ago, and it’s being well-received by a majority of listeners, including our Blogcast co-host Naomi Robin, who can’t help but fawn over it and call it her new “boyfriend.” But as Marcus Slater and I wondered in an episode of the Blogcast that was recorded before Apple Music’s release, will it really dominate as the power player in music streaming?

Now that we’ve had time to play around with Apple Music’s “everything and the kitchen sink” approach to streaming the latest releases, Beats1 and the revamped Radio service, and the Connect artist’s feature, we use this opportunity to chat about what we like/dislike about the service, as well as how it compares to other services (primarily Spotify and Amazon Prime Music, for Marcus’ sake).

In addition, we also realize that we’re now knee-deep into the universally accepted “New Music Fridays,” which sees albums around the globe being released on Fridays instead of having independent release dates in different countries.

We’re not entirely sure how we feel about these yet, but if you want now include the LA Music Blogcast as part of your New Music Fridays, you certainly can by clicking “Play” below to listen to this week’s fun episode via TuneIn. You can also listen via iTunes if that suits your fancy.

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Seferino – “Party Master”

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