I’m not the biggest fan of electronic-pop music. It’s one of those genres that rarely holds my attentions or keeps me intrigued, which is why the upcoming EP by Tetra has me feeling confused. Because I like it.

Set for release on June 11th, Meter is an instantly palatable EP that will make you want to put all seven songs on repeat. Think FKA Twigs, BANKS, or Purity Ring. The sounds/tones on the EP are top-notch thanks to producer Ben Cohen, and Tetra’s voice is flawless with a sense of conviction and certitude backing it. It’s not cheesy or exaggerated. As much as the songs ring a bell of familiarity due to the somewhat-predictable pop structures, they also grab and hold you tight throughout the journey. To me, it’s a love-hate kind of listening experience, but the love wins out.

tetra paint

A sense of powerful tension permeates the tracks on this EP. Many artists seem to strive for that simple sense of pop with hooky, honest lyrics, but they often sound like they’re trying too hard or are simply, well, too simple. Meter feels much more authentic than the music made by many of Tetra’s peers. This Berkley-educated artist has gone full swing in the direction of pop, and it works for her. I can easily hear these songs playing at Universal Citywalk or some other mainstream, poppy place.

Keep your eyes and ears open, Los Angeles, because Tetra is based in our town and surely will be showcasing herself in our venues throughout the summer. With the EP coming out the second week of June, I’m shocked to find myself saying that I look forward to checking out a Tetra show soon after. Do I have a bit of a crush on this artist? Maybe. So what? Give her a listen and you might, too.

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