Unknown Mortal Orchestra has always taken an exploratory approach to making music, so it’s only fitting that they’ve adopted a similar aesthetic for the title track off their forthcoming album, Multi-Love. Case in point: viewers can sit back and just watch the trippy visuals of the song’s music video, or they can explore that world via a downloadable video game that dives further into the playable, interactive environment.

“It is meant to represent the vacuum of space by impressing upon inter-dimensional unfolding, immaterial objects, and time-driven reverberation of events,” says director Lionel Williams. “The virtual space allows for most 3D objects to trail in time — based on the directions one moves. You can construct & paint the objects in space to stretch them in any direction, to create infinitely vast compositional spaces.”

If all of this sounds a little “out there,” you probably haven’t listened to much Unknown Mortal Orchestra. You can remedy that now by checking out their past releases, then dive even deeper on May 26th when Multi-Love drops via Jagjaguwar. Tickets for the group’s show at The Roxy Theatre on August 6th are also currently available.

Download the “Multi-Love” app below:

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