While Los Angeles is packed with exclusive clubs and bars with lines around the block (looking at you, Good Time at Davey Wayne’s), I prefer concerts or DJ nights where dancing is the main focus, not what you’re wearing or who you’re with. My friend Ben knew of my love for dance and fondness for feel-good bands like Chromeo, so he played Swedish artist Erik Hassle for me, and I immediately fell in love.


The perfectly-controlled falsetto and grooving riffs of “Pathetic” instantly brought to mind Prince and Michael Jackson, lofty but merited comparisons. Ben excitedly pulled up a picture of Hassle on his phone, eager to watch my surprised reaction to the photo of a tall, lanky young man with a mop top of curly red hair. But looks can be deceiving as Hassle’s vocal performances are marked by an undeniable confidence and his hooks are as impressive as they are infectious.

Since establishing himself in Sweden and touring the UK with the likes of Mika, Hassle has since relocated to Los Angeles (where else?) as the buzz around him rapidly builds. With the just-released video for his next single, “No Words,” it’s only looking up for this artist.

“No Words” exemplifies Erik Hassle’s funky, high-energy vibe and is poised to be the feel-good jam of the summer (weren’t we all wondering what would be this summer’s “Get Lucky”?). Just look at his dance moves in the video — no wonder they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!

Hassle is currently on tour supporting Broods. He is coming to The Fonda Theatre on April 30th with Twin Shadow, and tickets are available now.

For more information on Erik Hassle:

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