Spring is in full swing, and the summer of 2015 will be here before you know it, but let’s face it — this is Los Angeles, and we barely experience any seasonal changes. In fact, it seems like the only way to truly track the passage of time is through album release dates. And guess what? There are a bunch getting released today!

Alabama ShakesSound & Color
This is the big moment for Alabama Shakes. They received nearly universal critical acclaim for their last effort, which lands them in the dangerous “sophomore slump” zone, but early reviews of their latest should put any concerns to rest. The group continues to kill it, maintaining their signature sound while also adding a few delightful twists.

alabama shakes sound and color

The Detroit proto-punk band that was catapulted from relative obscurity into the spotlight with the excellent A Band Called Death documentary is back with their first album of completely new material since the film’s release.


Donn TFlight of the Donn T
With her second album, singer/songwriter Donn T offers a smooth blend of soul, pop, and R&B for a sound that is both mature and thoughtful. She’s got a great artistic aesthetic and is a refreshing alternative to a lot of other similar artists who typically get pushed down your throat. Her brother is also The Roots’ Questlove — it must run in the family.


Grand Theft Auto V: The Alchemist and Oh No Present Welcome to Los Santos
We previously shared a song from this project, which finds hip-hop producers The Alchemist and Oh No crafting a soundtrack that is perfect for stealing a car, breaking every traffic law known to man, and causing as much damage and chaos as possible in the process…I, of course, am referring to the popular Grand Theft Auto video game. LA Music Blog does not promote any of that behavior in real life (but send us pictures if you decide to do it anyway).

welcome to los santos

Passion Pit Kindred
Passion Pit returns with their third studio album, one that finds their songwriting approach aiming for the arenas and shedding any sort of indie reserve that may have existed in their previous releases. Big, fun, catchy!


Ryan AdamsLive at Carnegie Hall
Playing at Carnegie Hall is definitely a career highlight, so much so that Ryan Adams has commemorated his two-night stint there with a vinyl/digital compilation of all 42 songs from both sets.

ryan adams live at carnegie hall

SquarepusherDamogen Furies
Tom Jenkinson (better known to us mere mortals as Squarepusher) returns with his first album in three years. Expect more intricately complex electronic compositions, but this time he’s sweetened the mix with catchy synths and a broader appeal that speaks (but doesn’t cater) to the EDM crowd.


They Might Be GiantsGlean
The 17th (!) album from They Might Be Giants comprises songs from the first four months of their 2015 Dial-A-Song project, an endeavor that revisits a concept they started in the ’80s in which the band would record a song on an answering machine and advertise the phone number to fans.


Tom DeLongeTo The Stars… Demos, Odds and Ends
The former Blink-182 frontman has been in music news headlines a lot this year, but unfortunately it’s mostly been due to what appears to be the pretty-tense relationship he has with his old bandmates. But now he’s shifting the focus back to his music with a collection of songs from his stash, including some demos that may have been intended for Blink’s scrapped reunion album.


YelawolfLove Story
The Southern emcee returns with another album on Eminem’s Shady Records. This one features a collaboration with Em himself, and Yela has described Love Story as being a more passionate record than his last one.