When I toured in Europe a few summers ago, the band I was with was lucky enough to play at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. We stayed right on High Street, where all the action was, and every morning we would wake up to the sounds of theatre groups, acrobats, and musicians performing three floors below.

An incredible classical guitarist would pluck away every morning to sooth the wounds from the night before, and by the end of that trip, I was in love with the sound that drifted up to my window above the street. That guitarist was not Nick Mulvey, but whoever the mystery busker was, he left me completely in love with the sound of an acoustic guitar and those who know how to play it. Nick Mulvey knows how to play it.

The British singer/songwriter’s simple sound is rooted in folk, classical, and acoustic grooves. After playing in a jazz group in the UK for years, Mulvey traveled to Cuba to continue his education. It shows. He has a style that sounds familiar, and yet it’s different from that of the typical songwriter you might hear elsewhere. He has a graceful right hand that knows just how to pluck or strum to create a clean and clear tone and feel. His thick accent provides an honest background to lyrics that are personal and relatable.


In support of his recently released debut solo album, First Mind, Mulvey is taking his songs on the road. He will be performing at Bootleg HiFi on May 12th to a crowd that will experience a magical and intimate evening. Take some time over the next two weeks to get to know this incredible artist, and pick up tickets now for a Tuesday night show you will tell your friends about!

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