David Bowie’s career, which spans from 1962 to the present day, has had its highs and lows, but no one can deny that he has been instrumental in influencing today’s music. He introduced the world to his eclectic brand of art/glam/experimental rock, transcending any previous limitations to music and forever changing the rock genre.

The androgynous icon has been celebrated with various tributes and covers throughout the years, most recently James Murphy’s stripped-down acoustic version of “Golden Years” off the highly anticipated soundtrack to the upcoming Noah Baumbach-helmed indie film While We’re Young.

Murphy is the brains behind electronic outfit LCD Soundsystem, an act that informed contemporary music as Bowie undoubtedly influenced Murphy, and he scored the entire soundtrack for the film, which stars Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as a couple approaching a mid-life crisis while trying to reclaim their youth.

While there’s nothing wrong with growing up, the following is a list of ten contemporary bands that can’t help but celebrate the past. This sampling of Bowie covers is as eclectic as the albums that defined his career, and seeing how each band takes on some of the icon’s most noteworthy tracks is extremely interesting.

Some are straight-forward and stripped-down, such as Au Revoir Simone’s beautifully ornamental “Oh! You Pretty Thing,” while others are soaked in reverb and psychedelia, for example Ty Segall’s version of “Moonage Daydream.” Janelle Monae maintains Bowie’s style of art rock but makes it poppier and more current, while dynamic sister duo Tegan and Sarah add a spunky, punk edge to “Rebel Rebel.” Warpaint crushes their tribute to “Ashes to Ashes” by capturing the essence of Bowie’s off-brand quirkiness and adding a female-powered flair, with unsettling and unpredictable instrumental arrangements.

Check out the playlist below and hear for yourself!

The Best David Bowie Covers Tracklist:

01. The Flaming Lips – “Life on Mars”
02. Ty Segall – “Moonage Daydream”
03. Warpaint – “Ashes to Ashes”
04. Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros – “Memory of A Free Festival”
05. Au Revoir Simone – “Oh! You Pretty Things”
06. Janelle Monae – “Heroes”
07. Megapuss – “Sound and Vision”
08. Seu Jorge – “Sufraggette City”
09. Carla Bruni – “Absolute Beginners”
10. Tegan & Sara – “Rebel Rebel”