While I’m still a relatively new EDM fan (Nocturnal Wonderland being the festival that brought me into the fold), I am realizing this scene is so massive, it may take me years to pinpoint my favorite subgenre!

As my taste leans more towards lyric-heavy trance songs, I have been playing Flume nonstop for the past month. I’m finding myself more and more obsessed with the waves of synth and pounding bass in each of the Australian DJ and producer’s sweeping remixes of several already-stellar pop songs.

For a crash-course on Flume (who is only 23 — what am I doing with my life?), check out my top five favorite remixes below and get your ears ready for some amazing, synth-heavy, pop-centered tracks:

5) “Gravel Pit” – Matt Miller x Kilter

The video game-reminiscent intro of this remix bleeds perfectly into ’80s-wave synth before building up with cascading 8-bit sounds. While I am fan of lyrics and hooks, the samples in this song have me bobbing my head in approval.

4) “Higher” – Ta-Ku

This remix lays heavily into the rap/R&B influences of Flume’s trip-hop genre. The bouncy synth complements the cut-and-copied vocals throughout, and the slow build preceding each returning beat is perfectly timed.

3) “Gold” – Chet Faker

This is one of many collaborations between Flume and Chet Faker, and every section of this song hits perfectly. The industrial synth sound builds with Chet Faker’s smokey voice and angst-filled lyrics. Combine that with Flume’s musical finesse and you have a powerful song about the dark side of romance.

2) “You & Me” – Disclosure

This remix brought Flume to the Internet’s attention and rightfully so. Taking on the unpredictable patterns of a Disclosure song is already a tough task, but his trip-hop interpretation carefully deconstructs the sweeping orchestration only to crash it down again. The remix perfectly complements Eliza Doolittle’s voice, giving us another stellar Flume remix.

1) “Tennis Court” – Lorde

This is the remix that immediately caught my attention at a house party. I had a moment where I stopped mid-conversation, scrambled over the couch, and grabbed a stranger’s iPhone to see what magical artist crafted this dreamy remix. Lorde’s music is made to be remixed (That voice! Those hooks! That synth!), and Flume does this summery song justice. This song debuted at last year’s Coachella, so here’s hoping he drops an equally impressive remix at this year’s festival!

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