In all reality, it’s kind of embarrassing that the two-hour drive to get to Coachella is such a deterrent, but that doesn’t mean it’s not. People decided to not to attend this year’s festival for other reasons, too. For many, the lineup was just subpar. AC/DC and Jack White make great headliners, but Drake? Really? Who wants to pay that much for a ticket to a show you don’t really want to see?

I had an amazing time at Coachella last year, but that was in large part due to its stellar lineup. If you live in SoCal and found just a handful of bands you want to see on this year’s festival poster, why not just¬†catch one of many shows right here in town? You can save the time and money, still see the same bands, and sleep in your own goddam bed.

Maybe I’m just getting old.

Either way, here are five great shows from Coachella bands you can enjoy in LA the same week as the fest.

5. Chet Faker @ Club Nokia – April 15th – Tickets

When I saw Chet Faker at Mack Sennett Studios, I was pretty blown away. He really put on an amazing show and did so by himself on stage while doing so much more than just playing tracks. Live looping really is an art, and those who can recreate their produced music in person without boring a crowd are truly talented.

Chet Faker had the entire audience grooving for over an hour. If you missed him before or haven’t heard him at all, his show at Club Nokia is a must. With opener XXYYXX, it’s going to be a party to remember.

4. Charles Bradley @ The Roxy – April 18th – Tickets

Charles Bradley is known as “The Screamin’ Eagle of Soul,” and it’s an appropriate title. The man has a glimpse of the voice Otis Redding might have had if he were still alive today but with the addition of that shrill howl James Brown could hit. He puts on a heartfelt performance each time. At the Santa Monica Pier he left the stage to hug about 10 members of the audience. How often do you get to leave a show with a hug from the performer?

Bradley recently played The Fonda, so getting to catch him at the intimate Roxy Theatre will really be a treat. Make your way out to see a man who has lived through more than most and puts on a show that will leave you breathless.

3. FKA Twigs @ The Ace Hotel – April 14th – Tickets

Since releasing her debut album in 2014, FKA Twigs has been making serious waves. Her music is modern, artistic R&B at its best. Featuring dark and heavy synths and beats, this young artist seems to be at the beginning of a career that is going to become legendary.

FKA Twigs’ live show is also said to be incredible, and if the video for her single “Two Weeks” is any indication, those rumors are true. Get some great food in Downtown LA, and check out the artist that could very well be known as this generation’s Sade.

2. The War On Drugs @ Pappy & Harriet’s – April 15th – Tickets

Ranked high on our Top 50 albums of 2014 list, The War On Drugs really went above and beyond for their latest effort,¬†Lost in a Dream. It is an epic album featuring an endless range of emotions. It’s a perfect LP to listen to while driving, which you will need to do to get to this show. I know I’m supposed to be focusing on more local events, but The War On Drugs for $25 out in the desert will be magical.

Tickets for this one go on sale February 5th and will likely sell out, so make a point to grab them quick.

1. Brand New @ The Shrine – April 15th – Sold Out

Brand New is probably the biggest band that no one remembers. Their fans are almost eerily obsessive. The number of Brand New tattoos I have seen is shocking considering they are widely known as a band that had a few hits in the emo era, but they really are so much more than that.

Singer Jesse Lacey has a dark sense of the world coupled with a sharp wit that guides his lyrics. Musically they have grown heavier and stranger with time, and in the process they’re garnered a fanbase that hangs on their every move, which come few and far between.

Brand New generally posts nothing in the news or tour department for months on end, then they will put up a post saying “Tickets are on sale” with a link. The show sells out in seconds. This was the case for their upcoming performance at The Shrine. They are an enigmatic band that is worth the work it takes to be a fan. If you can get tickets, take them.