On January 30th Jack White will be playing Madison Square Garden in New York City. “So what?” you might angrily grumble as you read this post on LA Music Blog. “That information is of absolutely no use to me, a faithful reader who lives on the West Coast.”

Well, slow your roll, buddy. The entire performance will be livestreamed by Pandora, starting at 6pm PST. “Well, that’s kind of cool,” you might concede at this point. “But I’ve got a root canal during that exact timeframe that day. So this is useless information.”

You’re sort of being rude now, but I will still share this piece of useful information with you: the entire performance will be aired on a loop for 72 hours following the show. On February 3rd, you’ll be able to listen to the set song-by-song at your own discretion. And if that’s not enough to make you happy, I really don’t know what to tell you.

The show will also feature an opening set from Run the Jewels, and Jordan Klepper of The Daily Show will conduct a video interview with Mr. White that will be streamed starting February 3rd.

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