LA-based singer/songwriter Julie Mintz first popped on my radar last month when she opened for Moby during his ambient set at the Masonic Lodge, and wow, am I ever glad. I can safely say that her enchanting mix of otherworldly yet charming tunes was not at all what I was expecting to hear given the show’s headliner, but you know what? I was okay with that. More than okay, actually, seeing as how I’ve been revisiting her music with regularity since discovering it.

On the surface, Mintz’s music can be best described as “folk,” but probe a little deeper and you’ll find something a bit more haunting and troubled than your standard folk fare. Oh sure, her contemplative lyrics detail age-old struggles with loneliness and heartbreak, but they’re more than slightly biting and are paired with instrumentals that have melancholic — and occasionally ominous — undertones if you know where to look for them.

But hey, if my word isn’t enough to go on, Mintz has the backing of a certain musical powerhouse: Moby. He produced her soon-to-be-released EP, and they’ve been known to play more than a couple shows together (including the one that introduced her to me).

The phrase “soothingly cathartic” may seem oxymoronic, but the more I listen to Julie Mintz, the more sense it seems to make. If you’ve ever wanted to float away on a cloud of hopes, dreams, and despair, this is exactly the kind of music you’ve been looking for.

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