St. Vincent’s self-titled album landed the top spot on our Top 50 Albums of 2014 list, but she’s not done being amazing yet. Her recently released video for “Birth in Reverse” is gorgeously mesmerizing and definitely deserves viewing even if it missed most “best of” cut-offs.

The video starts off with close-ups of St. Vincent’s face and some pretty robotic choreography set to the erratic tune of the song. But then, all of a sudden, outer space. St. Vincent playing the guitar in outer space. St. Vincent absolutely killing it on her guitar as she stands tall over the universe.

Watching Annie Clark actually play the spastic chords of “Birth in Reverse” makes me love the song so much more and serves as a reminder that she’s a seriously talented artist. Plus, St. Vincent as a hard-rocking space goddess just feels so right.

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