Los Angeles is a haven for flea markets, and flea markets are a haven for fans of buying vintage products and discovering a variety of boutique vendors with awesome memorabilia at great deals. So, basically, LA + flea markets = a wonderful pairing.

A few flea markets in LA County cater to us music aficionados, and now with the recently renovated, historic Regent Theater serving as a new downtown venue and hub for live events, and thanks to Inheritance, LA Weekly’s “Best Curiosity Shop,” we officially have The Rock ‘N’ Roll Flea Market to add to the list.

Regent Rock N Roll Flea Market 1
Photos by David Fisch

The event premiered this past Sunday to quite the crowd, easily filling up The Regent Theater as lovers of vinyl, clothing, instruments, memorabilia, artwork, jewelry, food, and candles perused and made deals on some prime music real estate. Vendors such as Coast to Coast Vintage, Spragwerks, Laura Ann’s Jams, and Garageland came out to sell unique items just in time for the holidays, and the event included plenty of vinyl vendors that I happily gravitated to.

Rock N Roll Flea Market 2

Though much smaller in size than other flea markets, this one is in the heart of downtown and at a venue that prioritizes enlightening the music scene of the area, which makes The Rock ‘N’ Roll Flea Market perhaps the music flea market to attend in Los Angeles.

Regent Rock N Roll Flea Market 3

The great Rock ‘N’ Roll Flea Market will take place every first Sunday of the month from 10AM-3PM, so be sure to check it out next month when it rolls around!

Tickets are $2 at the door, but that fee is waived if you purchase food over at Prufrock Pizza next door, which has by far one of the most delicious pizza crusts I think I’ve ever had. It’s a really nice looking joint that serves up all kinds of different personal pan pizzas and other Italian delights, so it should also be a part of your trip to The Regent, either for this event or for any concert at the venue.

Regent Rock N Roll Flea Market 4

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