Cotillon is the brainchild of Jordan Corso, an LA native whose soul-sucking office job drove him to write and record original tracks on his iPhone during his lunch breaks. He took those songs home after work, recorded them properly, and when he was confident with his compositions, quit his day job to form a band and start playing live shows around town.

Two EPs later, Corso attracted the attention of Chet “JR” White, formerly one half of the band Girls, who was eager to produce White’s debut self-titled LP. Burger Records snatched it up, and with all those reputable names attached, plus the talent exhibited on the shoegazey single “Before,” I have no doubt this will be the breakout album for Cotillon.

The track, which was recorded in the historic EastWest Studios in Hollywood (where the Beach Boy’s “Pet Sounds” came to life), is a dreamy, noir-ish tale of the misguided pursuit of love in Los Angeles. Corso sings in a defeated, downtrodden haze, “I’m calling her apartment. How many have been me before?” The achy, subdued vocals and ethereal instrumentals create a beautifully dreamy song that fans of bands such as Beach Fossils, Youth Lagoon, and Girls will immediately be attracted to.

Cotillon’s self-titled LP will be released on January 26th via Burger Records and features Jason’s brother Zach on guitar, Michael Medeiros on drums, Bret Leinen on synth, and producer Chet “JR” White on synth. The band fuses elements of shoegaze and psych-rock to create a uniquely infectious sound, so I recommend you take a blanket to the beach at night, stare out at the waves, and get hypnotized by the track “Before” as you ask yourself, “Will I ever find love in Los Angeles?”

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