Underground heroes Run the Jewels have released a new collaboration with former Rage Against the Machine frontman Zach de la Rocha. It’s called “Close Your Eyes (and Count to Fuck)” and it is aggressive as hell. It’s not like RTJ2 needed more hype, but this is very welcome.

Every single track from this duo (El-P and Killer Mike) is like a journey into “real rap.” When you listen to Run the Jewels, you’re largely free from cliched similes and the hackneyed tropes that overrun the airwaves. Even when they do rap about bitches and drugs, they do so poetically. It’s brutal, no-holds-barred, I’m-gon-git-you-sucka, aggressive poetry. These dudes are lyrical gun runners, every verse a salvo aimed squarely at wack rappers the world over. They take aim at a lot of other things in this one, too, including “blooders and crippers,” politicians and pastors, and basically anyone else that has found themselves on the wrong side of El-P and Killer Mike.

Then, of course, there’s Zach de la Rocha, who closes the track with some bombastic lyricism. It’s everything you’d expect from the anti-authoritarian icon. My recommendation? Read the lyrics, too. Every bar dropped here is worth a second (and third) read.

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