If you were still recovering from the holidays when Yell for Help stopped by the LA Music Blogcast in January, do yourself a favor and go back to at least watch their performance from the show (starts at 30:00. I’ll wait). Now thank me for letting you know that the LA duo of Mike Pappas and Fann will be stopping by The Satellite tomorrow night for a set full of infectious hooks, industrial-tinged beats, and female/male vocal interplay.

“Love Will Keep Us Together,” the lead single off Yell For Help’s self-titled debut EP, is one of my favorite singles of the past year, and I had the pleasure of hearing it live when the duo stopped by The Satellite in January for one of their very first shows in Los Angeles. I imagine their stage show has just gotten tighter and more high-energy in the months since then, but you don’t have to imagine! You can find out for sure!

Just pick up tickets to Yell For Help’s repeat performance at The Satellite tomorrow night and prepare for a night of sexy alt-pop in Silver Lake. Tickets to the show, which will also feature sets by Late Night Friends and Smoky Knights, are only $8, but if money’s tight, email the band directly for a $3 discount!

2014-07-31 16:28:44

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