One of the best parts of being in bands is getting to play with and discover other great bands. I had the opportunity to share a stage with an amazing group of musicians who go by the name The Urban Renewal Project, and I can’t recommend them enough if you’re someone who enjoys a huge variety of music as their sound touches on a sonic palate that will appeal to countless fans.

With their second release, Local Legend, on the way, The Urban Renewal Project is poised to do some pretty amazing things. The album showcases the musicality of a group that has been playing together for decades and pulls from a range of influences, from hip hop and r&b to jazz and swing. The Urban Renewal Project has the mindset of a modern-day big band with hip-hop grooves meeting a tight horn section and guest vocalists on every track of the album.


Speaking of vocals, the ones on Local Legend are pretty incredible, particularly those of singer Aubrey Logan and rapper Elmer Demond. Logan’s voice is rich and dances over the tunes with incredible range and power, while Demond has a knack for rhythm, which works well with the group. He also has a very positive mindset, which shines through in his lyrics. This definitely results in a feel-good mood, though the lyrics can sound a little cheesy at times. While I love the concept and meaning behind the lyrics, avoiding sounding cheesy seems to be one of the hardest parts of creating music that’s so positive.

It is truly amazing to see musicians who can play legitimate jazz and funk music in such a big way. Plenty of groups play hip hop with a jazz tone, but not like this. The talent and precision it takes to pull off a sound of such magnitude is beyond impressive. Here at LA Music Blog, we focus on a lot of indie music, rock, and EDM. This is an opportunity to check out something a little different that features amazing musicianship, a good groove, and a great message.

The Urban Renewal Project has two album release shows scheduled, one each in LA and New York. Check them out September 17th at Studio Bancs in Culver City and grab a copy of their album before its actual release date. Hearing the album is only part of their magic, though, so don’t miss the show!

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