If you’re lucky enough to be hitting up this weekend’s FYF Fest, you’re no doubt fantasizing about the dance party you’ll find yourself in during Phoenix’s set or the alt-rock bonanaza that will ensue when sister act HAIM shreds like it’s nobody’s business. But if everything below those familiar names on the flyer is looking like gobbledygook, here are some handy suggestions to help you navigate the madness of Exposition Park.

Ty Segall

At the tender age of 27, Ty Segall has already released a staggering eight albums. At this point, I’m not sure if he’s more “rising star” or “seasoned pro.” Regardless, his newest release, Manipulator, is a delicious mishmash of driving garage rock guitar melodies tinged with psychedelia perfectly suited for a sun-soaked Saturday in Los Angeles.

Todd Terje

Todd Terje may not be the household name in these parts that he is in Europe, but for those who’ve been following the nu-disco house scene for some time now, he’s considered a longstanding member of the pantheon of the greats. And a live set from him? I think I just peed a little. If you’re looking for pounding bass and “epic drops, bra,” you’re not going to find any of that shit here. But if you’re looking for sensually layered tracks masterfully mixed into a set that’s both cerebral and groovy, Todd Terje will have that in spades.

Jessy Lanza

In my review of Cut Copy’s show earlier this April, I said of opening act Jessy Lanza, “I’ll be disappointed if I don’t see her name making its rounds on the festival circuit in a couple years.” Called it. I don’t even know how to begin describing Jessy Lanza’s sound other than delightfully experimental as fuck. She certainly draws some influences from electronic and R&B contemporaries but mixes it up to make something that’s both quirky and cinematic.


With My Bloody Valentine sitting out this year, you can count on black metal rockers Deafhaven to bring the noise this time around. Their latest release, Sunbather, came in at a respectable 29th place on our list of the Top 50 Albums of 2013. Not too shabby considering the “love it or hate it” reaction metal seems to elicit. Personally, I’ve never been particularly fond of the genre myself, but I’ve got to say these guys are supremely talented and well worth checking out.

Chet Faker

The one act I regret missing the most at this year’s Lightning in a Bottle? Chet Faker, hands down. The swarm of word-of-mouth reviews proclaiming his awesomeness does absolutely nothing as far as alleviating said regret goes. It’s certainly been one hell of a year for this Australian electronica/soul musician following the release of the critically lauded Built on Glass, an album that’s grown to become one of my favorite releases of 2014. Luscious instrumentation and smooth beats are Chet Faker’s calling cards, but if he decides to throw some of his collaborations with Flume into the mix, then shit will have officially gotten real.