The members of Los Angeles duo Youth Code, namely Sara Taylor and Ryan George, have their backgrounds in the hardcore punk scene, so to describe them as an electronica duo seems somewhat misleading. A single listen to the insistent throbbing of their synths and drums, with distorted screaming in the foreground, is enough to make one understand that this is a very different, more modern take on LA hardcore. It is electronica, yes, but with the likes of industrial music and Aphex Twin’s Come To Daddy at its core.


Last year saw the release of Youth Code’s self-titled debut album on Dais Records, and they’ll be following that up next month with the A Place To Stand EP (album artwork above), which includes four new songs as well as remixes of four older ones. If the Beach Boys represent the tourist postcard view of LA beaches and surfing, Youth Code is about as far from that as you can get in Los Angeles, evoking unit streets, abandoned warehouses, and crumbling industry. It is recession-era LA music, not for the faint-hearted, but compelling and danceable all the same. Keep your eyes peeled for live shows, which are surely forthcoming and bound to be intense and memorable experiences.

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