I have no doubt you will love Caught a Ghost. This dynamic project is fronted by a desirable leading man, Jesse Nolan, and a sweet, approachable songstress you want to befriend, Tessa Thompson. The band expertly meshes old with new to create an innovative sound that will simultaneously throw you back and keep you on the cutting edge.

Caught a Ghost first grabbed my attention when I discovered they would be opening the Getty Center’s popular summer concert series, Saturdays Off the 405. Within seconds of listening to their debut album, Human Nature, I realized that this group was definitely worth my time and their show at the Getty would be an excellent opportunity to cross “See a live musical performance at a museum” off of my bucket list. The free concert only cemented my newfound devotion to this up-and-coming Los Angeles group.


Caught a Ghost derives their name from the old expression that a great artist would have “caught a ghost” or become possessed by a spirit during their performance. Their nod to Motown, soul, and rock further exemplifies their creative capacity for depth and complexity in their music while transcending any specific genre or age demographic. The band is currently on tour with Youngblood Hawke and is an exciting musical prospect that deserves to be immediately added to your favorite playlist.

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