Flying Lotus’ rapping alter ego Captain Murphy is back with a new track and an origin video. Adult Swim shared The Birth of Captain Murphy via Noisey last week, and this week “Cosplay” was released as part of Adult Swim’s Singles program (and is available to download now!).

The Birth of Captain Murphy, a trippy animated short, is true to Adult Swim form and features a Lovecraftian monster, a space-based video game, karate, and the flesh-melting visage of cartoon Captain Murphy. It sets the tone for “Cosplay,” which features Captain Murphy’s low, demonic flow over a menacing beat.

Intrigued? Not to worry. Captain Murphy’s story is to be continued. “Cosplay” is streaming at Nerdist and available to download at Adult Swim. In the meantime, Flying Lotus’ newest album, You’re Dead!, will be out October 7th in the US, and he’ll be performing at FYF Fest in LA this Sunday, August 24th.

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