It had been just shy of a year since I had last stepped foot inside The Roxy. The legendary Hollywood venue is the epitome of intimacy and nonchalance. It’s a place where you can grab a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato, the beer special includes a mystery shot, and you can strike up a conversation with the band after their set. Tuesday night’s marquee with MyPet, Erik Hassle, and NoNoNo promised an exciting lineup for my return to the venue.

My knowledge of NoNoNo’s music began and ended with their single “Pumpin Blood,” but the track was successful in piquing my curiosity, and I jumped at the chance to see the band perform live. I joined the burgeoning crowd as they casually converged by the stage, and I eventually began a conversation with a young couple visiting from out of state. Their excitement was infectious, and my appreciation for the LA music scene and the ease of finding great music every day of the week was renewed.

The black curtain rose and the crowd cheered as each member of the trio made their individual entrance onto the stage. Right away you could pick up on the band’s demeanor, and they were so enviably cool without trying that they must be from Europe. Sweden, they would later specify. Frontwoman Stina Wäppling’s voice was soft when she spoke but delightfully penetrating when she sang. Theirs was the kind of electro-pop that you unashamedly dance along with because the beat is so compelling and the lyrics so intriguing and unpredictable, setting them apart from many pop songs.

NoNoNo performed many noteworthy songs from their thoughtfully titled debut album, We Are Only What We Feel, that night. Later I would realize that a fan had thankfully posted the set list on Instagram with hashtags and geotags so that I could place a name to each jam in my memory, including “Jungle,” “Echo,” and “Hungry Eyes.” Needless to say, I have listened to the album several times since Tuesday, and I look forward to NoNoNo’s return to Los Angeles for #NNNtour2015.


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