As the nights grow longer and the days get shorter, summertime feels increasingly like a distant memory. September creeps closer, kids have started school, and we still don’t know who A is. In order to keep summer alive for a little while longer, Los Angeles is providing some fantastic live music to keep us grooving ’til we just can’t even.

Grouplove and Portugal. The Man @ The Greek Theatre – Friday, August 15Tickets

Friday night’s show at The Greek Theater should not be missed. I am admittedly biased, for Portugal. The Man has been one of my favorite bands since Waiter: You Vultures! fell happily into my life during high school. The band has an eclectic discography that proves they not only have undeniable talent, but they pull from so many different genres that you can find a song for almost any occasion.

Honestly, if you have only heard Portugal’s recent album, I urge you to check out their older work. Yes, Evil Friends kicks all the asses and boasts a promotional video made by our favorite cast of socially inept alcoholics from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but Censored Colors just might be one of the most insanely captivating albums of the past ten years.

Not to mention that watching their friendship with Grouplove evolve has been delightful! They each remix the other’s songs, and on Friday night they will share the stage. If you enjoy escaping into the very essence of music, be at The Greek tomorrow.

Fall Out Boy and Paramore @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater – Saturday, August 16Tickets

Saturday we soar out of the City of Angels and into our neighboring music-loving city of Irvine where Paramore and Fall Out Boy will share the stage. During this monumental night, anybody from the age of 18-30 will be brought back to the good ol’ days of running around Vans Warped Tour in their favorite colored Chuck Taylors.

Fall Out Boy recently exploded back onto the scene, and Paramore rapidly grows more successful with each new move they make. The Monumentour should absolutely not be missed. Just remember, even before B.O.B and Zedd sent her rocketing into the mainstream, Haley Williams lived in the heart of every skater boy on the block.

Counting Crows and Toad the Wet Sprocket @ The Greek Theatre – Sunday, August 17 Tickets

Sunday night, we return to The Greek. Did Adam Duritz start the white dudes with dreadlocks trend of the ’90s? I cannot say. But he sure did have the most iconic dreads since Bob Marley. If only today’s bands had the ability to put their stamp securely on the map like Counting Crows did. Their lyrics alone carry so much weight, and yet their radio-friendly sound feels so welcoming. Counting Crows should be a band that rock bands today look to for inspiration.

I almost forgot to mention…Toad the Wet Sprocket will be opening the show. If you do not know them, please check them out. Knowing that both of these bands still tour and create music makes me happier than falling accidentally in love.