Hey, Los Angeles R&B/hip-hop lovers! I come to you with an offering, a brief respite from the inescapable Chris Brown, Drake, Nikki Minaj, Top 40, payolalicious assault on your senses. Marc E. Bassy is a fresh voice and one of LA’s own. He can rap and sing well, which, frankly, puts him head and shoulders above the many folks with record deals who can’t do either particularly well.

Marc E. Bassy fits comfortably in the space between Frank Ocean and Mac Miller. He and Frank have a similar cadence, for one thing. Both trend towards the more ethereal side of production for their tracks as well, frequently choosing texture and tone over machine gun snares and 808s. No one is going to confuse one for the other, but they’re similar enough that the same person would probably enjoy both depending on their mood.

Bassy doesn’t stray too far from the popular hip-hop theme recipe (girls, drugs, and relationships) on his Only The Poets EP, and that’s fine. Again, this hazy, cloudy production style suits him well. Personally I have a track record of liking music that sounds the way promethazine feels.

“Fairfax Interlude” is a boastful, carefree players’ anthem that teaches us a few things. The first is that Marc’s a staunch supporter of interracial relationships (he loves all types of girls!). The second is that there are enough good R&B vocalists that can also rap that we don’t need to listen to the ones that are terrible.

Marc E Bassy is a rare example of having your cake and eating it, too. Check out “Fairfax Interlude” below.


Check out this other track he did with Iamsu! on the Only The Poets EP.

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