Swedish duo JJ has always been interesting. They’ve got a big crush on hip hop, but they’re also deeply interested in creating lush, drugged-out pop music. If you were wondering what was going to follow their beautifully creepy single “All White Everything,” wonder no more because they’re now streaming their new album, V, a full two weeks before its August 19th release date. You can hear it right now on NPR’s First Listen or catch it next week on Pandora.

V is JJ’s third studio album, and it’s both what you’d expect and something pretty new. The music still envelops you, Elin Kastlander still has a rapper’s attitude, and you’re still going to wonder how someone with that much swagger can be so earnest and vulnerable. The biggest difference is that the music swells now; it’s a bigger, more-produced sound. It’s like seeing stars through a cloud of smoke, or to put it more bluntly, it’s what pop songs would sound like if everyone making them was high all of the time.

Get a feel for V (and a trippy visual) by checking out the single “All White Everything” below or head to NPR to stream the whole thing.

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