Some of our favorite success stories involve a mentor, someone who takes a young up-and-comer under his or her wing to teach them their ways and bring them to the next level of success. Whether in the business, writing, film, or music industry, mentors play key roles in finding the next big thing and honing their talents. After all, without Lil Wayne, Drake might be rocking a wheelchair on Degrassi: The Next Generation, and without Yoda, Luke Skywalker’s family reunion would have been dreadfully fatal.

With the right mentor and the right timing, greatness comes to the young prodigies whose potential shined above that of their peers. Knowing this, Guitar Center revamped their unsigned artist discovery program to find the next EDM master. In the past, the program gave unsigned drummers a chance to work with punk king Travis Barker, and now the next big DJ/producer will get an opportunity to work with Steve Aoki.

So, for the thousands of wannabe DJs/producers all over the world — especially in the City of Angels — how do you get chosen to fly under Steve Aoki’s wing? First of all, the potential talent must be unsigned and at least 16 years of age. Secondly, he or she must submit a remix of Steve Aoki’s track “Delirious,” which can be downloaded on Guitar Center’s website. Along with the remix, the artist must also send in some of their original work.

The top 100 potential winners will be selected based off of their social network presence during the contest period, so entrants will need to start tweeting people and messaging EDM fans on Facebook to make sure they do not get overlooked. In today’s entertainment world, an artist’s online stats count more than ever, and they can either make or break a career.

Starting today, August 1st, the big dreamers can begin submitting their remixes. The winner not only gets $10,000 cash and a plethora of gear, he or she also gets studio time with Steve Aoki at Dim Mak Studios, a chance to perform live with him, a feature in Electronic Musician Magazine, and a single executive produced by Steve Aoki and released on Dim Mak Records.

With such a delectable prize pack, any aspiring DJ would be a fool not to enter Guitar Center’s Your Next Record with Steve Aoki. As the EDM world overflows with DJs, this unbelievable opportunity could be completely life-changing.

Guitar Center Your Next Record

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