Get Lost LA is coming this weekend for all the deep house and techno fans of Los Angeles. The event is an all-day affair with two actual parties scheduled in sequence. Frankly? Not a bad idea. The day party at the Egyptian Theater is great for people who need to sleep eventually, while the night event, “Wizardry,” will keep the crowd bumping until morning.

Crosstown Rebels headman Damian Lazarus alongside labelmates Acid Pauli, Francesca Lombardo, Three, and Subb-An at the Egyptian Theater. Even if those names aren’t immediately familiar, some of the other acts on the label’s roster might be. We’ve given Maya Jane Coles lots of love in the past, and I’ve hardly been shy about my appreciation for Maceo Plex’s style.

The way house tracks evolve over time is as much a trip as it is a party, and I mean “trip” in the literal sense here; you start at one point and move through different textures, soundscapes, grooves, beats, and, ultimately, emotions. It’s the type of sound you (honest to god) get lost in.

I got a minute to shoot a few questions to Crosstown Rebels head honcho and Get Lost LA organizer Damian Lazarus. I asked the man about what we should expect this weekend, what makes a good party “good,” and more. Check out his answers below!

Get Lost LA

What should fans expect at Get Lost?

A day of magical music sprinkled on the best party people by the very best DJs on the planet. A day of fun in the sun and a night of madness in the dark.

It says this is going to be a 15-hour party, followed by an afterparty that goes ’til 4am. I feel like Los Angeles isn’t used to this kind of all-day ravery.

Think of it more as an opportunity for the good people of LA to express themselves over a longer period of time than usual.

With the exception of Ultra, house and electronic music is what you’ve cut your teeth on, but I can’t say I’ve seen you at big-room EDM festivals. Do you mind being called underground?

I regularly get called upon to bring the more underground sound to the masses. Recent experiences at EDC and Tomorrowworld have actually been fantastic. It’s a very interesting opportunity to present my sound, unwatered down, at these events.

What’s your opinion on genres? Does it bother you when people try to “label” your label?

Letters cannot do justice for the feeling of the sound.

Do you think underground music (house in particular, but not necessarily just house) loses something when it enters the popular gaze?

Not from personal experience, no. The only issue is that this sound is best heard over a number of hours, and when you play at festivals in the US, you tend to only get an hour to play, which often means you only get to highlight the “bigger” tracks without presenting the whole story.

Burning Man is right around the corner. It’s not a rave, but the cultures definitely have their crossover. Could you tell me about the difference in culture/vibe/attitude/etc. in that environment versus some of the other massives?

Burning Man is a completely unique arts event where we just happen to throw an annual party. The location and the vibe is unlike any other, and the people that join us there are totally united. Unfortunately, we will be taking this year off but will return to the desert very soon.

What does your dream party look like? A warehouse and a strobe? In a forest? From a blimp? No holds barred.

I’m often looking up to space and wondering how long it’s going to take to get that one organized.

What makes a good party “good”?

Smiling people with open minds and hearts gathering together at a space that has been lovingly created.

If you could change one thing about “the culture” nowadays, what would it be?

I’d make music classes compulsory at schools so that everyone can come into partying with a respect for the art.

What should we expect on your next release?

Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons’ debut album will be released in early 2015. Expect something different.