For any music lover, supporting your local bands should be a priority. Attending hometown shows and seeing familiar faces generates a feeling of family amongst both band members and fans, especially in a big city like Los Angeles, and one local act that understand the importance of embracing the local scene is Eye the Realist.

Fronted by Josie Randle, arguably one of the coolest chicks in Long Beach, Eye the Realist has great stage presence, an awesome attitude, and four rad members. The pop-punk quartet has been spreading their music around the LA area for about three years now, building a solid reputation with fellow local bands, local clothing companies, and Los Angeles music lovers. This has helped them reach their highly respectable goals, which include playing the infamous South by South West fest in Texas and following the West Coast dates for Vans Warped Tour.


Eye the Realist also understands the value of hard work, and their dedication does not go unnoticed. In addition to their recent touring along the West Coast, including dates in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada, according to Miss Randle, “We go to local shows all the time to promote ourselves and to support our friends out there.” Basically, building a solid local foundation has definitely proven to be advantageous to the group.

Eye the Realist’s first record, From Truth and Time, dropped on April 29th, 2014. Their album shows off the group’s eclectic style. For inspiration, they draw from a number of genres and brilliantly combine them to make catchy pop-punk gold. Since its release, Josie says, “We’ve been playing a lot of local shows all over LA and Orange County. For the rest of the year, we’re planning another tour in October for one or two weeks with a band from Barstow called Chrysalis. That’ll be our third tour this year.” Check out Josie’s explanation of the song “Death” below:

Following their current tour up the coast, Eye the Realist will be back in Los Angeles for more local gigs, including a stop by The Prospector in Long Beach on September 4th. Make sure to check them out! The are insanely talented and all of the members are incredibly friendly, so if you see them, be sure to say hi!

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