Spanish Gold has gotten rave reviews for their latest release, South of Nowhere, and for good reason. The album is a bluesy ass-shaker with James Brown-esque grooves, and the songs range from riff-heavy tracks featuring raw instrumentation to simplistic summer jams perfect for chilling with a beer.

It’s no wonder that South of Nowhere keeps you moving so much with My Morning Jacket‘s Patrick Hallahan behind the drum kit. The man sounds like a modern day Bonham with his main project, and putting him behind a bluesy funk act can only result in manic hip movements and uncontrollable bouncing. Rounded out by guitarist Adrian Quesada (from Grupo Fantasma) and guitarist/vocalist Dante Schwebel (of City and Colour), Spanish Gold’s music will not be leaving my regular rotation for quite some time.

Spanish Gold South of Nowhere

Spanish Gold’s video for “Day Drinkin” is a perfect combination of comedy, tragedy, and daydreaming. A curious clown with a flask and need for adventure wanders around a seemingly boring suburban area. I don’t want to ruin anything, but it’s a simple concept that actually makes you think a bit. There isn’t a bad song on South of Nowhere, and the video is well worth the three minutes of your time.

Spanish Gold played at The Troubadour just a few weeks ago, and they’ll be hitting some major festivals this summer. Keep an eye out for more LA shows in the near future.

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