If you haven’t been watching The LA Music Blogcast, the LAmb’s livestreamed web series that records every Thursday night from 8-9PM at the TradioV studio in Hollywood, you’ve been missing out on exclusive acoustic performances, insightful interviews with some of the best artists in LA and beyond, and a whole lot of music news and commentary from our LA Music Blog hosting team.

I highly suggest checking out past episodes of the show, but to give you an idea of the caliber of artists that have stopped by in recent months, enjoy this playlist featuring music videos by ten of the LA Music Blogcast’s 2014 guests below!

LA Music Blogcast 2014 Guests Tracklist:

01. Kitten – “Like A Stranger”
02. NO – “Leave the Door Wide Open”
03. Queen Caveat – “Breathe”
04. Lawrence Rothman – “#1 All Time Low”
05. Yell for Help – “Love Will Keep Us Together”
06. Sam Morrow – “Dancing in the Dark”
07. Semi Precious Weapons – “Aviation High”
08. Holychild – “Happy With Me”
09. Kiven – “I Can Take It”
10. Bootstraps – “Sleeping Giant” (live)