lunice cant wait to banner

Montreal’s preeminent beatmaker Lunice has some new music for us. Thank God. I know I’m a little exhausted with bottle-popping club anthems, so Lunice’s brand of hype energy is welcome.


Lunice’s style takes a little to get into, admittedly. I thought his beats were really simple at first, but it’s not that he’s a basic producer — he’s just minimal. “Can’t Wait To” is as ominous and as heavy as anything he’s done with Hudson Mohawke for their production duo TNGHT. I’d actually suggest this track to fans of Mr. Carmack, too. You’ll never mistake one for the other, but they both tend towards the grimy, heavy-knocking end of the beat spectrum.

Also, technically this isn’t a new song. He’s been playing it in his live sets since at least 2013. Honestly, the guy has a history of doing this. Hell, the TNGHT remix of Kanye West’s “Cold” still isn’t out yet. The guy knows how to keep people wanting.

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