The LA Music Blogcast crew went all pirate radio last night, commandeering the TradioV studio a full 30 minutes before our scheduled 8:00pm starting time. We’re such rebels (or maybe we’re just eager beavers who convinced our supportive booth team to let us take advantage of Suicide Girls not having a show this week). Either way, viewers got a supersized Blogcast last night, and thank goodness because our hosts had a lot to talk about!

Over ice cold Angel City beers, David Fisch, Mikiel Houser, and Naomi Robin chatted about everything from the newly signed distribution deal between indie labels and Youtube to Robin Thicke’s sad, sad record sales. They even managed to diss North Korea a couple of times and reveal their most embarrassing music loves as teenagers. This is what happens when we have an extra 30 minutes of air time to fill.

Later in the show, David and Mikiel were joined by Los Angeles pop band Babes, our second Harvest Records act on the show in as many weeks. The group shared details of their rad recording studio, connection to comedian Eric Wareheim, and their hotline. Yes, they have a hotline: 470-Babes-77. Find out more about that in last night’s extra long episode of the LA Music Blogcast below, and be sure to watch us live next week (barring any retribution from Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un) when we’ll be joined by pop singer-songwriter Wrabel!

You can now download the audio-only versions of the LA Music Blogcast on iTunes!

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